Intergenerational Programming

Intergenerational Programming PicturesCommunity Program Centers of Long Island, Inc. is a unique not-for-profit organization that is one of America’s pioneers in intergenerational day care. The agency serves hundreds of children and elders annually at its two shared site intergenerational day care centers in Suffolk County, NY.

The need for intergenerational child care and adult day care grows more important on Long Island every day as the economy struggles and two-breadwinner families enter and remain in the workforce. Connecting children and elders together in meaningful relationships is especially important to the health of our communities.

Each day another classroom of preschoolers is invited to visit the “grandma’s and grandpa’s" for some special time together. Teachers and elder care staff work together to design activities that are both meaningful and purposeful for both children and elders. In fact, in 2001, CPC was the subject of a research study on developing a model shared site intergenerational day care center. This study entitled, “An Observational Study in Developing an Intergenerational Shared Site Program: Challenges and Insights,” appeared in the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, Vol.1(1) 2003. In addition to this formal time shared together, children benefit from the intergenerational structure reinforcing the fact that we live in a multi-generational society while elders benefit from the family-like environment.

Community Program Centers of Long Island, Inc. not only provides meaningful daily experiences for both generations but serves as an international model on how to foster interdependency among the oldest and youngest members of our community.